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Specialized Probate Lawyer: A great choice for easy probate procedure

In Ontario, Probate is referred to as an Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee.

A Great Choice for Estate Matters

Probate is necessary to demonstrate that the last will of a deceased person was registered with the Court, and that the Court recognized the estate trustees listed in the will as the authorized persons to deal with the deceased person’s property. Read more ›

Experienced and reliable real estate lawyer in Mississauga

Real estate matters require professionals with knowledge and who pay attention to details.

Real Estate Lawyers Mississauga

The real estate lawyers at Campbell Bader LLP in Mississauga are eager to give you professional legal assistance for all of your real estate needs. This article describes how a real estate lawyer can help you in your next transaction. Read more ›

Domestic Agreements, aka “pre-nups”

Domestic Agreements in Mississauga

Family relationships are difficult to predict. It is difficult to trust your future to the uncertainty that arises with going to court if there is a breakdown in your relationship. Fortunately, family law in Ontario allows you to enter into an agreement with your partner which sets out what will happen if, in the future, you head towards a separation or divorce. Domestic agreements give you the ability to plan ahead and take control of your future. Read more ›

Appeal divorce lawyers

Definite Appeal of Divorce Lawyers Mississauga

Every experienced, highly-qualified divorce lawyer at Mississauga law firm Campbell Bader LLP is extremely sensitive to the delicate nature of domestic disputes. We understand that strong emotional responses come with any dissolution of a marital or long-term relationship. Read more ›

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