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Canadian Court Refuses to Let Child Visit Father in the U.S. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Court of Appeal Rules That One Illegal Part of a Termination Clause Renders Its Entirety Unenforceable

SCC Rules that Accused Must Have Subjective Mens Rea of Breaking Bail Conditions

Court Rules That Child May Not Travel to Canada from the U.S. to See His Father During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Principle of Double Criminality in Extradition Proceedings

Supreme Court of Canada Releases Decision on Entrapment in Drug Cases

Court Grants Release of Criminally Accused Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Quebec Court Rules That Child Will Not Be Forced Back to School During COVID-19 Pandemic

Quebec Court Orders Two Primary School Children Back to School Despite Father’s Objection Over COVID-19

Does Reconciliation Void a Separation Agreement?