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Mississauga Lawyers Assisting Startups with I.T. & Licensing Matters 

At Campbell Bader LLP, we have been advising tech start-ups and business owners since 1999. In that time, we have built a reputation for our forward-thinking guidance and sound legal advice. We regularly help companies in up-and-coming areas including cloud computing, blockchain, other crypto-currency, and FinTech. We are familiar with the various challenges that start-ups face, particularly in the tech sector, and understand that entrepreneurs need a law firm that is going to be able to prioritize the most critical aspects of their venture with them.

Licensing Agreements 

One of the biggest moments in the early life of a start-up is securing and negotiating a licensing agreement.  Over the years, the team of lawyers at Campbell Bader LLP have negotiated licensing agreements on behalf of our clients with all the biggest tech companies including Google and Microsoft. We help our clients gain leverage in negotiations to walk away with the most optimal terms. With our guidance and help, you can ensure that your months and years of hard work are protected.

Exit Events 

In addition to advising tech companies on licensing and other agreements, we also regularly advise our clients throughout the lifespan of their venture, from start-up to when they are eventually purchased or bought out. We advise on every step of your business growth and work closely with clients at every stage, including during their assessment of potential options, in due diligence reviews, through negotiating terms, in drafting documents, in obtaining financing, and in ultimately closing the transaction.

We will assist you in getting everything prepared for an exit event. Our lawyers have negotiated with Fortune 500 companies and all major banks. We will work towards protecting founders while making sure the company is on solid governance and compliance ground, so that investors, lenders and potential purchasers will find everything in order in conducting their due diligence.

Contact Campbell Bader LLP for Practical Legal Advice on Licensing and Related Matters 

The business law team at Campbell Bader LLP has decades of experience in helping tech start-ups grow and expand, including through negotiating licensing agreements and preparing companies for exit events. We are thorough, efficient and focused on delivering the best possible outcome for every single client. Contact us online or at 905-828-2247. We look forward to speaking with you and being on your side.