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Appeal divorce lawyers

Definite Appeal of Divorce Lawyers Mississauga Every experienced, highly-qualified divorce lawyer at Mississauga law firm Campbell Bader LLP is extremely sensitive to the delicate nature of domestic disputes. We understand that strong emotional responses come with any dissolution of a marital or long-term relationship. Read More

Islamic Marriage in Ontario

Q: I intend to have an Islamic marriage. Will my Mahr be enforceable in Ontario? A: “Mahr” (also spelt as “Maher” or “Mehr”) is a gift paid from the groom to the bride as part of a Muslim marriage contract. The gift, which is often times a sum of money, becomes the sole property of the bride and is considered hers to do with as she pleases. It can either be paid up front to the bride, deferred to a later date or both if split into separate payments. It can be paid upon divorce or upon the death of the groom. The majority of Muslims consider Mahr as an integral and obligatory part of a Muslim marriage contract. Read More

Family Law Lawyer Oakville

With a Family Law Lawyer, Oakville Residents Find a Tireless and Sympathetic Advocate The process of separating and obtaining a divorce is complex, and frequently filled with anguish and frustration. During this process, many difficult decisions must be made. Most people are not overly familiar with Canadian divorce and family law until they find themselves facing it head on. That is why it is crucial to have an informed and skillful advocate at your side throughout the process. Read More