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With a Family Law Lawyer, Oakville Residents Find a Tireless and Sympathetic Advocate

The process of separating and obtaining a divorce is complex, and frequently filled with anguish and frustration. During this process, many difficult decisions must be made. Most people are not overly familiar with Canadian divorce and family law until they find themselves facing it head on. That is why it is crucial to have an informed and skillful advocate at your side throughout the process.

Many separation and divorce cases in Canada can be settled without ever having to go to court. With a family law lawyer, Oakville Ontario residents have many options for resolving their separation and divorce issues, in a way that is constructive and meaningful. Here at Campbell Bader LLP, we believe it is necessary to take divorce cases to court in only the most acrimonious instances when all other options have failed. We pride ourselves on being able to settle most family matters through either mediation or collaborative law.

Divorce Mediation: a Peaceful Means To Resolve a Divorce Matter

Mediation is a peaceful and non-adversarial means of resolving the issues arising out of the breakdown of a relationship. In mediation, both parties meet with a neutral third party known as a mediator. The mediator is a highly trained professional who excels at resolving disputes. They facilitate the discussions that lead to practical, creative, and fair results.

Each mediator has his or her own method, but generally, the mediation process begins when the mediator meets with each party on an individual basis. In these initial sessions, the mediator explains how the mediation process works and also elicits information from the parties regarding their goals and desires. Then the couple, along with the mediator, begin joint sessions which allow the parties and mediator to discuss how he or she would like to resolve the issues arising out of their separation. Often, each party will have his or her own lawyer attend the mediation with them so that the parties can be advised of his or her rights and obligations throughout the sessions. The details of these discussion sessions will form the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding that is prepared by the mediator or a domestic contract that is prepared by the lawyers to finalize all the issues. Occasionally, an agreement can be reached in just a single joint session. In other cases, several joint sessions must occur. Either way, the outcome of mediation is generally satisfactory to all involved parties and represents a carefully considered agreement that is designed to be an acceptable arrangement for both parties and the children if any.

An Agreement to Settle the Matter Collaboratively Means a Realistic Outcome

A collaborative law proceeding involves both parties, each of which are represented by their own lawyer. The process begins when each party, and his or her family law lawyers, sign an agreement that binds them all to the outcome of their negotiations. With the agreement in place, the parties and their lawyers begin discussions and negotiations in an attempt to amicably resolve the issues arising from the separation. Like mediation, the collaborative law approach promotes a non-adversarial atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect. Although several meetings of the parties may be required, this is generally considered an efficient means of constructively settling divorce and separation proceedings.

Divorce Litigation: A Solution at Court

In some cases, a family matter cannot be resolved through negotiations, mediation, or collaborative law. A divorce proceeding can be both costly and time consuming, but it may be the only way to resolve a family matter when there are a number of contested issues that prevent the parties from coming to an agreement. When this happens, your family law lawyer is a vigilant and passionate advocate who fights tirelessly for your rights.

No matter which approach may be appropriate for your unique situation, divorce proceedings are almost never something you should initiate without a knowledgeable and experienced family law lawyer at your side. At a time when clarity of thought and the ability to plan for the long term are essential, your family law lawyer is a trusted confidante and advisor.

Contact one of our family law lawyers today to set up a consultation. We pride ourselves on tact, discretion and our ability to handle your case with sensitivity and in a timely manner. Call on our skill, knowledge and expertise when you are ready to find reasonable, practical, and fair solutions to your unique situation. We consider it our duty and privilege to provide our clients with resourceful counsel in their time of greatest need.

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