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Real estate matters require professionals with knowledge and who pay attention to details.

Real Estate Lawyers Mississauga

The real estate lawyers at Campbell Bader LLP in Mississauga are eager to give you professional legal assistance for all of your real estate needs. This article describes how a real estate lawyer can help you in your next transaction.

Residential Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling your home or an investment property, having a professional real estate lawyer working for you will help protect your purchase or sale now and from surprises later. We can help you negotiate with the other party and draft a favourable purchase and sale agreement. If the property is a condominium, extra attention to detail and steps are required to protect you. For transactions involving mortgages, we can help you understand your mortgage liability and be sure the lender is treating you fairly. We have the knowledge and skills to represent your interests and protect them throughout the negotiation and sale process.

Commercial or Industrial Real Estate

Businesses large and small need real estate to meet their needs. From warehouse facilities to office space or investment properties such as apartment buildings, all commercial real estate has specific uses and will require smart strategy to acquire and utilize the space for your particular business, or wise negotiating to maximize your terms in a sale. The lawyers of Campbell Bader LLP understand the purpose of your investment and can help you reach the best terms to meet your goals. We can even help you negotiate with lenders for favourable financing terms for not only the acquisition of the real estate, but also your development needs.


In both residential and commercial markets, sometimes it is more ideal to lease a space than buy or sell. A professional real estate lawyer in Mississauga can help you draft a lease to meet your needs. For both landlords and tenants, leases sometimes need unique terms. Our lawyers can help you negotiate and draft terms that meet your business or residential needs.

In the unfortunately common situation where a lease is broken, our services benefit both landlords and tenants. A professional real estate lawyer can help landlords enforce the lease terms and get possession of their property back. For tenants, we can help explain potential liability of landlords and tenants and represent you in court to protect your rights and minimize your liability.

Each transaction is unique, and every party has specific goals that a lawyer can help him or her achieve. Landlords are wise to consult a real estate attorney to protect their property and their investments. Tenants can minimize their liability by being informed and consulting a real estate attorney. Whether buying, selling or leasing commercial or residential space, consulting a professional real estate lawyer in Mississauga will help you have a smooth transaction, meet your goals and protect your interests.

About Our Firm

The professional real estate lawyers of Campbell Partner LLP have experience in all areas of real estate law and are eager to assist you with your next real estate transaction. Our lawyers have represented parties in all sides of transactions and negotiations and understand the complexities inherent in real estate. Protect your investment and yourself and contact Campbell Partner LLP for your next real estate transaction.


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