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Whether large or small, your business is a huge part of your life. Making smart business decisions is not just a desire; it is a necessity. A professional business lawyer in Mississauga can help you navigate your business decisions and protect your interests. This article will outline business law services offered by Campbell Bader LLP and discuss how a business lawyer can help you.

Business Formation

Each business is unique and each business owner or board of directors has unique goals. Some businesses need simple administrative maintenance, while other businesses need to be re-structured. The ideal structure for your business will protect you and your investors by limiting liability, while at the same time positioning your business for growth by creating opportunities for new investors to enter when the time is right.

The names you gave your firm and products have been foundational aspects of your business. Why allow others to profit from your ingenuity and hard work? Protect your firm from passing-off schemes by properly registering your business names and trade-marks.

Buying and Selling Businesses

Whether acquiring a business, merging an existing business with another or selling a business, professional business lawyers can help you negotiate positive terms for the sale as well as determine the best way to combine or rebrand a bought business and its assets.

Business Development

Businesses depend on contracts to operate. There are contracts with suppliers, employees and customers, among others, that must be negotiated. Professional business lawyers can help you develop policies and templates for routine contracts and be part of your team when negotiating larger contracts. Having a professional business lawyer on retainer for routine questions and problem solving is an asset for any type of business.

In addition to contracts, businesses require constant decision-making. A business lawyer can ensure that business decisions are consistent with shareholder rights and do not expose the firm and its principals to liability. Having an attorney on your board of directors or at meetings where large decisions are being made is a best practice and will aid short and long-term business development.

Corporate Finance

The lawyer’s perspective on business finance is different than that of an accountant or manager. Our focus is to limit your business’ exposure to aggressive lender tactics and shareholder dissent while developing debt and equity offerings that attract fresh investment. Certainly making sure the numbers add up over time is vitally important, however we urge you to also consider your position relative to your investors and book a consultation to see how our insight can improve your finance structure.

Business Regulation

Every business owner wonders where the time goes. The Mississauga business lawyers at Campbell Bader LLP can buffer your managers from the seemingly endless demands of regulators and allow your team to re-focus on making a profit. All firms are subject to the same rules; successful firms are better at navigating them. Let us show you the way through.
If your business involves international transactions or franchising, a business lawyer in Mississauga can help you navigate the regulatory aspects of these markets as well and can negotiate deals that will serve your interests. Joint ventures, distribution agreements and sales agency agreements are just some of the types of transactions our business lawyers can help you navigate.

Any type of business can benefit from the services of a business lawyer in Mississauga. From formation to development to winding up, business is complicated and attention to detail is imperative. Contact a professional business lawyer in Mississauga today.

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