Specialized Probate Lawyer: A great choice for easy probate procedure


By Written on behalf of Campbell Bader LLP

In Ontario, Probate is referred to as an Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee.

A Great Choice for Estate Matters

Probate is necessary to demonstrate that the last will of a deceased person was registered with the Court, and that the Court recognized the estate trustees listed in the will as the authorized persons to deal with the deceased person’s property.

When a loved one passes it is a difficult time for the entire family. It is often necessary to tend to the estate soon after the passing of the loved one. For example, a Certificate of Appointment is necessary to gain access to the deceased person’s bank accounts or to sell their home. However, during this period of mourning, family members do not want to be burdened with the legal process involved with probate. Lawyers with experience in estate law are there to handle the probate process quickly and effectively.

Where there may be conflict between trustees and beneficiaries, a lawyer is invaluable to help with resolving estate issues while limiting the interaction between feuding family members.

Overall, consulting with an estate lawyer will reduce the stress that many trustees experience when dealing with estate matters.


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